Inspired SMS.

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Inspired SMS.

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High Performance Gateway

Delivered via Direct Connections

Full System Redundancy

Best Practice Security

SLA Support 24 x 7 x 365



No Setup Cost

No Monthly Cost

No Credit Expiry

No Contracts

Money Back Guarantee


Email to SMS

Send and receive SMS via an interface you already know. Email.

Sending a SMS utilising our Email SMS framework is as simple as composing an email. Whatever you do is send the email to the portable number eg

You can overide the caller ID utilising the subject line or leave it blank to get responses back to email via our free shared numbers..

As you send messages both ways you can see the discussion progress in your email. You can likewise set optional email delivery reports.

2 Way SMS, Done The Right Way

The SMS discussion builds in your email. Each message and response shows as you converse. At the point when complete you will have a complete record of the dialog in one email.

Delivery, Delay & Bounce Reports

Optional email reports will let you know when the message has been delivered to your recipients phone. They can also be set to let you know if messages have been delayed due to the handset being off, out of range or disconnected number.

Receive SMS Enquiries to Email

If you have a dedicated virtual number you can receive and respond to SMS enquiries diretly via email. You can advertise the number in ads or on billboards and get an email and engage the prospect immediately

An Interface You Already Know

With Email SMS there is no need to learn anything new. It’s as simple as sending an email. You can even send to multiple recipients at the same time and receive individual responses that become one-on-one chats.

Authorising Email Addresses

Our online Email SMS panel allows you to authorise only certain email addresses using your account. It can also be used to restrict the number of characters allowed per text message and to set reporting levels.


Virtual Numbers

Receive inbound SMS on your very own virtual mobile number

Sometimes referred to as longcodes or response numbers, virtual numbers are just like a normal mobile number that your Inspired SMS account can receive text messages on.

You can use them for email to SMS, keyword marketing and processing campaign replies.


Instant setup off the shelf

There is no setup lead time or application process. Simply buy online and choose from our available selection. You can be up and running in just a few minutes


No contracts No setup fee

No commitment, just use as long as you need. No contracts, no hassles. just pay our low monthly fee month to month. Cancel whenever you like.


Receive to multiple channels

When you receive SMS to our platform you can see it in your activity inbox, forward it to email or use an API callback to process it in your own application.


Auto campaign reply processing

With a dedicated number you can setup campaign response automation. Ask for keyword responses, forward to sales teams, process opt-outs and more.


Virtual numbers are SMS only

A virtual number cannot be called. As they are connected to our computer system and not to a phone system there is a disconnected message when called.



Quick SMS Bookmarklet

The easiest way to send reminders and confirm appointments

Missed appointments can cost your practice time and money. SMS reminders are a great way to jog peoples memory to prompt them to come to the appointment or to call and reschedule allowing you to maximise your appointment book.

The Quick SMS app can accessed directly through your account messaging navigation or it can also be installed directly into your bookmarks toolbar for access without having to login to your account first.




Drag and Drop Installation

Installation is as simple as dragging the Quick SMS button from the Inspired navigation into your Bookmarks Toolbar. If you have trouble there are instructions accesible by clicking 'Advanced Setup' on the app window.

No Login Required

You can click the Quick SMS applet from your browser toolbar at any time, and on top of any website. You don’t need to be logged into your Inspired SMS account, making for the perfect tool to send a Quick SMS or two.

Confirm with replies to Email

You can elect to receive and receive it to your email. You can even reply to the email it sends a text back to the recipient that can be used to request an updated time or confirm the cancellation.

Quick SMS Templates

You can save time and effort by saving a message as a template. You can select saved templates from a drop down on the bookmarklet screen and edit the data accordingly.

Scheduling Reminders

You can setup your reminders on a schedule. This way as you book the appointments, you can enter the reminder immediately, and set it to trigger at a set time in the future.


Group SMS Broadcast

Send a text to one number. Broadcast to as many as you want.

Re-broadcasting is simply the process of texting a message to a virtual number and that message being broadcast to a list via our server. Re-broadcasting is popular with teams.

It is great for coaches, captains, managers and leaders where they want to speak to a group of people and get private responses back

You can do all this driectly from your phone using SMS. No computer required.


Single Group Broadcasting

A single group re-broadcast is as simple as texting to a virtual number. Your number is attached to a list and the message is sent to all numbers on the list. If they reply their message comes back to you

Multi-Group Broadcasting

If you have multiple groups you would like to message separately you can use keywords and attach them to different lists. Just make the keyword the first word of your message and the message will be sent to that list, minus the keyword of course.

Reply to All - Group SMS

Group SMS is slightly different to re-broadcasting in that when a member of the list replies the message is also sent to all members of the list. This is good for small groups where everybody needs to know the communication.

Reply Name Recognition

As all messages go through the one number it is not possible to recognise the person replying by that number. We add the persons name from the list at the beginning of the message. Or if there is no name the last 4 digits of their number.


With re-broadcasting, especially group reply to all on a large list, costs can quickly escalate. With our plugin you can limit the number of characters per message and also receive account balance alerts by email when credit is running low.